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Певец: Kero One

Название : Stay on the Grind feat. Ohmega Watts

Длительность песни: 04:50

Опубликовано: 2014-09-30

Прослушали: 362


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Текст песни:

When those bills act up, we gotta stay on the grind
if these lady's act a fool, I’mma stay on the grind
when those plans fall through, we gotta stay on the grind
Ohmega I got your back just hit me up on my line

When critics hold you back, we gotta stay on the grind
when those stress levels rise, I’mma stay on the grind
when those payments come late, we gotta stay on the grind
Kero I got your back so hit me up anytime…

Kero’s verse
I see stacks upon stacks in my view all day
where bills attacks my desk till my desk gives way
wearing so many hats that my hair’s concave
producer, writer, rapper, CEO of plug label
with beats for days incomplete in my lab
my hands tied back tryna unwrap this gift of gab
making the present precious while pressure trys to impress us
with deadlines to wine, dine and undress us
but I wont be screwed and I refuse to lose man
I use my two hands to do what few can
but if I fail, then at least I made the effort
I seek to make a record that speaks to reach your sector
so rewind selector past the female drama
skip the male testosterone, that kills our products
I want to hear something that uplifts my mind
spirit and soul, and motivates me to grind


Ohmegas Verse
My hands hurt from driving all day
Nine hour trip to the bay, next stop is LA
Rocking with the CEO of the label I plug into for a fix
Packed with goodness and sound bites
You can manage on a diet whether or not you eat right
Large or light, now take my advice you’re
gonna love it when you get it
I work hard nine to five + so you enjoy every minute
That you listen to or visualize one of my creations
From production to design I thrive off motivation
And relationship tragedies can’t blow my battery
Its Ohmegas’ anatomy holding it down with gravity
A smooth ripper on mics, hard act to follow
Your chances are slimmer than winning the state lotto
My mottos follow your dreams and grind
Don’t sell yourself short cause its about that time

Kero One
With 24 hours left in the day
I feel like the works over welcomed its stay
caressing my stresses, but its all worth it
cause staying idle's an idol that I won't worship
Ohmega watts
Nor give any affection, and lessons are blessings
take stumbling blocks to build for progression
instead of lying awake drifting through life I'm sifting
capturing moments for good living
Kero One
Which once was once a labor of love,
but with dues paid, moves made, we're making that buzz
full time artists…
with grace from above
Ohmega watts
we travel the globe..
Kero One
to unfold that music we love..
Ohmega watts
and embrace it, a passion life long
our songs paint a tapestry beautiful as the sun at dawn
we're here to stay, until our final breathe slips away
these dues paid our investment for future days



Kero One feat. Ohmega Watts - Stay on the Grind (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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